Template management

Responsible user

This feature is only visible in the "Service Manager" role.


The purpose of the templates is to configure certain parameters of the application to make it easier for users who need to generate genuine copies not to report them.

When the screen is accessed, the first thing displayed is a search engine that allows you to filter templates based on the following search parameters: template name, copy issuing body, original document support, document source, code verification verification, document preparation status and signing mechanism

By default, the tool displays all created and paged templates 5 by five.

Preliminary settings - create an organ

The first thing to do is to register the bodies of the body that are responsible for issuing authentic copies in accordance with current regulations. All you have to do is click on the "Organ Management" button.

The following screen shows a list of registered organs, a search engine and the option to create a new one.

To register an organ, all you have to do is enter the following field: “Body issuing the copy” and click the “Create” button.

Once the organ has been created, it appears in the list of organs and the user has the option of modifying the name or deleting it.

Create a template

To register a template just click on the "create template" button

Other options

Once a template has been generated, it can be modified or deleted