Responsible user

This functionality is only visible in the "Service Administrator" role


The purpose of the templates is to configure certain parameters of the application to make it easier for the users who have to generate the authentic copies not to inform them.

To register a template you only need to fill in some fields that are organized into two large blocks and click on the create button:

  • Copy settings
  • True copy metadata

Specifically, the parameters to report are the following:

First name Description example
Name of the template Name under which the template will be saved PL_copy_support_paper
Body issuing the copy Standardized identifier of the body that has been assigned the competence to issue authentic copies Secretary or code DIR3
Support of the original document Indicates the nature or medium of the original document from which a copy will be made paper
Secure verification code on the copy The CSV is a unique reference given to each document, made up of a set of characters and generated electronically.
This reference makes it possible to identify the document, link it with its issuer and verify its authenticity and integrity through access to the electronic headquarters.
URL to verify copies via CSV URL, available at the entity's Electronic Headquarters, which allows you to check the authenticity and integrity of the authentic paper copies of electronic administrative documents issued by the entity.

Important: If you want the CSV to also appear in the URL, the URL must be reported as follows: url + {0}. Like the example:{0}

If you want to include the CSV in the URL:{0}
If you do not want to include the CSV in the URL:
CSV generation mechanism Indicates the way in which the CSV will be generated. If automatic is selected, the service itself will generate the code following the following pattern: [INE code of the entity][DDMMYYYY][FACTOR_ALEATORI]. If manual is selected, the user must inform it at the time of generating the copy automatic
Reference to the order governing the CSV system Reference to the order, resolution or document that regulates the CSV generation system of the entity
Signature of the copy Indicates whether the authentic copy must be signed or not Yes
Signature mechanism The mechanism that will be used to sign the authentic copy is either the "Signador centralitzat of the AOC Consortium" that keeps the entity's electronic seal or "Local digital certificate" that allows the use of a digital certificate stored in a local cryptographic device of the 'user Signador centralitzat of the AOC Consortium
Visible signature on the copy Indicates whether the electronic signature of the authentic copy should be visible or not in the resulting document Yes
Title of the copy Title or name of the true copy
Subject of the copy brief summary about the subject/subject of the copy
Origin of the document Indicates whether the content of the source document was created by the citizen or by an Administration citizen
Access regime Regime of access to the authentic copy. To choose from a list of values free access
Elaboration status Indicates the nature of the copy. Values to choose from a list. It is important that the indicated value matches the support of the original document Authentic electronic copy of paper document
Metadata visible in the copy Indicates whether the minimum metadata must be stamped and visible on the authentic copy. If yes, the content of the original document will be scaled to 80% of its original area and the metadata will be stamped in the resulting margin. Yes
Type of document Document type of the document. Values to choose from a list Act
Nature of the source document Indicates the nature of the source document from which the copy will be made. The values to choose are: original, authentic copy and copy original