Copy settings to include a stamp with input and output log data

The tool allows you to optionally add a stamp with data from the entry and exit register to the authentic copy. This functionality is intended for those users who want to make a copy of a document submitted to the entry and exit register of the entity. The tool allows you to incorporate a stamp with the registration data in the copy or in case you do not want them to be incorporated as metadata.

All you have to do is report the following blog when a copy is being created :

  • If you want to include a visible stamp in the copy, check the "Yes" option. If you do not want to include a stamp and only want to incorporate metadata, you must check the "No" option.
  • The user must indicate the registration number and date depending on the type of registration: entry or exit

Once all the fields have been filled in, just click on the "Generate" button.

Then a screen opens with the web component to make the copy.

Scan the document / select the document

The feature of embedding a stamp in the copy is available for both a copy of a paper document and a copy of an electronic document

Once the document has been digitized or the electronic document has been uploaded, the user must choose in which space on the first page of the document he wants to incorporate the stamp. The tool allows you to move and rotate the stamp anywhere on the first page of the document.

Generate the authentic copy

Once the stamp has been placed in the appropriate place, the user only needs to click on the second icon at the top left to generate the true copy.

In case the signature needs to be done using a certificate installed in the user's local certificate store, a pop-up will appear to choose the digital certificate:

If everything works correctly the service generates the authentic copy and the application allows:

  • Accept (which means that the copy will be saved to the application). Recommended option
  • Cancel process (implies that the copy will not be saved)
  • View the copy in PDF format in the browser
  • Display XML with metadata in the browser

Clicking the OK button returns you to the web application where the already saved copy is displayed:

If you open the PDF document you can see how the stamp looks: