As for the functionalities related to the signature of the authentic copies, the service allows to configure different scenarios for the use of different electronic signature mechanisms according to the needs of the entity, either through a skilled official or through automated administrative action:

  • Electronic signature using secure verification codes (CSV)
  • Electronic signature by means of a digital certificate installed in the local certificate store of the user's computer of the entity
  • Electronic signature by means of an electronic seal certificate issued to the AOC Consortium (option available to entities that are eligible to have the Digital Certification Service of the AOC Consortium and that have requested an issued electronic seal certificate).

In the case of using CSV there are two options:

  • The CSV is generated by the same CÒPIA service
  • The CSV is reported and generated by the client application that integrates with the service

The definition of the type of signature to be generated is specified in the template or when you want to generate a copy:

CÒPIA signature definition options

In the case of using a digital certificate, the signature generated by the service is a signature of the PAdES-LTV type.