Use scanners to make true paper copies of the document with the Copy.


The standards supported by the native Copy application are as follows:

  • Windows
    • WIA (Windows Image Acquisition)
  • MAC OS X:
    • ICA (Image Capture Application)

The use of scanners connected to the premises is also recommended. In order for the native Copy application to detect networked scanners, your system technicians need to perform system-specific configurations. Although we know that it could work, the configuration is complex and depends on the systems of each entity.

Choose from different locally connected scanners:

Starting with the December 2020 native application update version, it allows:

  • choose the tray or glass feeder if the scanner incorporates both options.
  • choose the scanner with which you want to make the copy in case the user has more than one connected to the computer.

Once you have downloaded and run this version of the native application (scanner.bat file), you can select the scanner and / or tray from which you want to make the copy through the computer's taskbar. authentic through the app.